Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

$918.00 inc. GST

No more tire kicking! This expansion module for Dakota Digital HDX/RTX instrument systems gives you real-time pressure readings for all four tires, displayed in your existing message center! Wireless valve stem sensors (dismount tire to install) report back to a vehicle-mounted receiver for on the fly information. Easily reprogrammable upon tire rotation or replacement, this is the finishing touch for your hot rod!

Kit is complete with 4 valve stem sensors.

Limited compatibility with VFD3 Digital and VHX Series Instrument Systems ordered at the same time as a BIM-22-2. Consult a Dakota Digital sales rep for more information on compatibility with these kits.

* Compatible with Dakota Digital HDX and RTX Systems
** Not available as a standalone system.
*** Maximum of 4 sensors can be used.

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