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 Kam Nova Kam Nova  KamaroKamaro
 Kam ChallengerKam Challenger  Kam AudiKam Audi


In The Build

The New Rides by Kam - Havoc Challenger! Havoc


Under Construction - Cooper's 1970 Nova


Under Construction - HT Monaro



Customer Builds


68 Camaro68 Camaro

 HK MonaroHK Monaro

XC CoupeXC Coupe

54 F100 F-TruckF-Truck

FastbackMustang Fastback


 Toyota 86Toyota 86

 Bagged F-truckBagged f-truck

62 corvette62 Corvette

Bagged Golf

HQ Monaro

 Lincoln Continental

Bagged VW 

2016 Mustang

Bagged Toyota 86

2012 Camaro





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